The Club Post COVID 19

COVID and what it has meant to the Club

Since dealing with the aftermath of COVID 19 the Club was in a very uncertain position with regard to it’s very continuation. The last 18 months have passed in a seemingly quick fashion, but at some cost to us all.

The Club has however been in the fortunate position of being able to limp along in both membership and financial terms during this period, in order to maintain it’s offer of somewhere for people to go and enjoy the hobby no matter what else was taking place in the world.

We are now in a much better place, both physically and to some degree financially, (despite the ever increasing prices of our basic services and costs) and indeed have managed along the way to acquire a lot of potential and hope for a much brighter future.

But the clubs future, after taking into account all of this, does require a solid membership base, and to that end the Club is looking for new members, we can comfortably accommodate 15-20 individuals on the average Club night and this means there is currently room for another 5 or 6 places should anyone want to become a member, indeed after reading this should you be interested then the details for applying for membership can be found in the dropdown menu at the top of the website homepage under the “About Us” section.

We will publish any relevant information updating the membership situation when we have it, but in the meantime please watch this space.

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