Club Layouts

Close Up detail of the Clubs Manor Road layout

At this present moment in time we have a total of three exhibition layouts and two static layouts. Many of these club layouts are in an ongoing state of repair and maintenance and it is hoped that some will be shown at the forthcoming Club Exhibition and Railway Show in October 2020.

Layout Details

Manor Road – this OO Gauge layout has been a club favourite for some time, but is in the process of being renovated and refreshed by Club Members under the watchful eye of Stephen Lee who has also been making improvements to the existing track work and general train running characteristics. The scenery is also due to be renovated in the near future.

Gresham Sidings – this OO Gauge DCC layout has recently been completely rebuilt by Bob Heath. The original track and scenery has been extended to cover an enlarged siding area with extra scenic potential and the new fiddle yard is almost double the size of the previous layouts footprint. It is unlikely that this layout will be ready for the 2020 Show but we will keep you posted on the website as to it’s progress.

Clifton Gorge – this N Gauge layout has been completely rebuilt from the original club N Gauge offering, it is also being extended for exhibition use but is in the process of being renovated and refreshed by Club Members under the guidance of Martyn Feneley and Colin Cooper, who have been making improvements to the existing baseboards and fitting completely new track work. There are some big plans for the scenery side before the layout can be considered ready for exhibiting in the near future.

Happy Valley Cutting – this O Gauge layout is a static layout based in the Clubroom at Sherwood, it’s far too bulky for the exhibition circuit and occupies all of the extremities of the club room as it runs along the wall and through it as well !!! . . . there have been a series of modifications made over the years and the scenery is due for a bit of a freshen up in the coming months.

Peel Street – this N Gauge micro layout has been a while in the making but contains some of the most recent ideas on how a layout can be evolved along with how it’s main components work and function. It has a novel method of connection and is set to grow into a multi format series of linking layouts, that can be shown in full or part form. Stay tuned for more information on this as the website is the place to see early images of it as it takes shape.