Club Chairman

Martyn Feneley  –  (Elected June 2021)

Martyn brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of the club. As a modeller he is interested in all the currently used UK recognised Gauges and has a keen interest in electrics and electronics used in the operation of both conventional and modern DCC layouts.

In a previous life, his background in a life of Design has equipped him to cover a vast range of clients and services, from Graphic Design, Exhibition Design and Construction, Product Design and Fabrication, Prototyping and Electronic Systems.

He can be contacted on his usual Email of  :


Exhibition Manager

Mike Smith  –  (Elected July 2021)

Mike is new to the roll of the ever present multi tasking stalwart that every club needs, if it’s anything to do with club shows, exhibition management and general enquiries Mike is your man. He is also a builder by trade and can turn his hand to many of the issues raised by the clubs current layout construction problems. He is also a member of the G Scale Society and you will find his very large layout on display at most of our club shows.

If you need Mike he can be contacted on his Email address of  :


Club Secretary

Brendan Beecroft  –  (Elected March 2023)

Brendan has been a member since 2020 and despite the demands of a running his own business is a very keen Railway modeller.

His “speciality” is the building, conversion and re-construction of a variety of both Engines and Coaches in OO Gauge, for both UK and Continental Modelling.

He can be contacted on his usual Email of  :



Thomas Morris  –  (Elected March 2023)

The man that every good club needs !!  . . . Thomas has been the Clubs longest serving member and knows a thing or two when it comes to his namesake, who, incidentally owns a Tank Engine !!!

Ken’s Email address is  :

Track Electrics Supervisor

Tom O’Hara  –  (Elected March 2021)

Tom has has been a long serving member of the Club, and has a wealth of experience in track electrics. Outside of the club, he runs a large G Gauge layout both in his garden at home and at the G Scale Society meetings at Walesby, North Notts. He is a valued member of the club because of his knowledge of multi voltage electrics, operating systems and complex wiring needs often encountered on layouts.

Tom’s Email address is  :